Creating a Test Store in Magento

There is a lot of information scattered over the Internet about how to accomplish almost any task in Magento eCommerce. However, I feel one of the most important tasks is not covered very well, testing updates to your store using a test store instead of a live store; at least not with an end-to-end process. Based on needs within our own Magento eCommerce store (, I have written a process describing the steps necessary create a test store based on a live store. This process includes the following steps.

  1. Backing up your data
  2. Creating and preparing your test website
  3. Restoring database and website files to the test website
  4. Updating settings so the test store points to the test database
  5. Verifying the test store is separate from the live store

I have the entire process and have screenshots with related voice-over for about half of the process. This has taken quite a bit of work to document the process, but it has been very helpful for me and I was wondering if it would be helpful to others.

If you have any interest in seeing this project completed, please reply to this post expressing your interest. If there is enough interest, I will complete the process and post it open to all on our training delivery website,

Thank you!



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