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Importing Products into Magento

Magento is an extremely flexible eCommerce platform; as such, some tasks can be less than straight-forward. In this post, I will cover the primary method of importing products into Magento along with a few tips and common issues that may arise. Note: These steps are written based on Magento Community Edition If you are using a different version, some of the steps may be different. Important! Before making any changes to your Magento store, make sure you have a current backup of your database and Magento store files. Things you should...

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Creating a Test Store in Magento

There is a lot of information scattered over the Internet about how to accomplish almost any task in Magento eCommerce. However, I feel one of the most important tasks is not covered very well, testing updates to your store using a test store instead of a live store; at least not with an end-to-end process. Based on needs within our own Magento eCommerce store (, I have written a process describing the steps necessary create a test store based on a live store. This process includes the following steps. Backing...

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