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Who Benefits from Distance Learning?

Everyone! In addition to the knowledge gained through any type of learning activity, parents and children benefit from distance learning when a parent does not have to travel out of town to attend training. Children can also benefit from distance learning to expand on their favorite subjects or explore new and exciting subjects. Instructors benefit from distance learning by not having to travel as much, giving them more time to spend with their family or prepare for their next delivery.

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What is Distance Learning?

Wikipedia – distance learning is the process of creating an educational experience of equal quality for the learner to best suit their needs outside the classroom. Dictionary.com – Education in which students take academic courses by accessing information and communicating with the instructor asynchronously over a computer network. Also called distance education. While both of these definitions are good, the Wikipedia definition, in its simplicity, hits the mark I am aiming for in this series-creating an anytime, anywhere, any...

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scientia potentia est – Knowledge is Power

You’ve probably heard it before; knowledge is power. In today’s economy, having specific knowledge can get you that internship or promotion, help you keep your current job, or, it may help you land a job over dozens of other candidates. How do you get that knowledge when you don’t have time or cannot afford to take time off work to attend classes? This blog post is the first of several posts in part one of five in a Distance Learning Primer. Part One is named Distance Learning Primer: An Introduction to Distance Learning. In...

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